My Middle Little • Hunter

So I originally started this blog to share about my IVF process. I am now transitioning this blog about being a mom to my 3 soon to be 4 kids.

This is my middle little Hunter Dean.

He is 3 years and 4 months. He is delayed in speech – he currently can say 75 words.

I was worried about his speech and kinda thought well he’s young and he will catch up. But when I would see him next to other kids his age I noticed they are saying full stories & sentences Hunter wasn’t. I then knew I needed to seek help. My first thought was to call our insurance and get him in speech therapy, unfortunately that is only covered if he experienced loss of speech due to a stroke 😒 thanks insurance.

My Mother in Law used to work in the school district and she told me you could have your child evaluated free of charge. So I applied as soon as he turned 3. The waiting period took some time but finally we got an appointment.

It was great he was evaluated for about an hour and half by 4 therapist specializing in speech, hearing, behavior, & his actual teacher. They did all sorts of activities, questions, testing, it was very informative to know what he can and cannot do. In most all areas (besides speech of course) he excelled past his age level • I had a big proud mom moment when I saw this!

When they called us back a week later to review their findings they suggested he started school at their school (which is a public elementary) there it is speech enriched & driven he will also see a speech therapist 2x a week. My first questions were well is there any other issues I should be concerned about ? Autism? They immediately all answered no, that was so relieving because that was a huge weight I had been carrying around for some time and just not knowing for sure was hard.

The school they want him to attend has all sorts of kids that go some are 4 year olds and not all have speech difficulties. Most actually pay to go like a normal preschool. A huge bonus for us was it was offered to us for free because he qualified.

Most parents would be thrilled a preschool that you don’t have to pay for ?! Me I was devastated I wanted to cry. Not because he needed the help but because this was not what I expected to hear. I thought they would tell me oh just come to speech therapy 2-3x a week and continue at your preschool. I’m so in love with the school we go to now that it just made it harder. The hours at our new school are HORRIBLE & just the whole new transition was harder on me. I knew what was best for him and that was to get him the best help possible and this school provided just that.

My husband couldn’t sign the paper work fast enough all he heard was HELP & FREE.

I think as moms we just want the best and when we have a specific plan for our child, when that’s disturbed it’s harder for us to take that in. As upsetting as it was for me I knew what was best and what he needed. I had to put my plans aside and follow his 🙏🏼

These are his children- God has only lent them to me and so I have to remind myself to say:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I also believe in early intervention is so crucial. The early you choose not to ignore things about your kids the better they will get corrected. His speech therapist said I strongly believe I will have him up to speed so by the time he starts kindergarten he won’t need to get pulled out of class to get that extra help. That was so nice to hear!

Thank you for reading and I hope just maybe someone reading this didn’t know there was free help out there and just maybe I could help one person.

I will update everyone as he progresses. I am so confident he will excel & begin to reach his full potential.