12 weeks pregnant


So here I am 12 weeks pregnant!

Yay! I am so happy our whole process took successfully – so sorry I have been gone these last 12 weeks have been rough. With mothering 3 kids – being nauseous and sick pretty much all day + Christmas just passed it was more than I could handle.

This pregnancy has definitely sucked the life out of me. I have been so sick throwing up everyday and just having that lurking nausea.

Let me sort of pick up where I left off. So once they confirmed pregnancy I had to continue all my shots. I would take a shot of estrogen every 3 days + a shot of progesterone every day along with 2 suppositories of progesterone. The reason I had to continue these until 10 weeks pregnant was my body didn’t naturally conceive a baby. An embryo was just placed inside of me. In a normal conception you release an egg and it gets fertilized and then your body releases these hormones.

Ah lol so yes that’s why I had to forcefully give myself (we’ll James did ) these shots . If I didn’t continue I would have miscarried.

I stopped estrogen December 22 + progesterone December 28th and I couldn’t be more thrilled ! I really think a lot of my nausea was a side effect from the progesterone- BUT here I am 12 weeks 6 days and I’m still randomly feeling the nausea:(

Today we had our 12 week scan and I was really hoping she would be able to show me baby girl but she was so still and hardly moved that we couldn’t see much. Oh well next scan hopefully.

Thank you everyone for following me and supporting our family we love you all + god bless 💟

– Melissa

We’re approaching the end


I’m FINALLY seeing the light

Ahhhh you guys I am over and beyond excited!

So sorry I have been MIA lately – life has just been so hectic. Here is a quick update.

So I’ve started a new shot 2 weeks ago this shot is designed to trick my body into thinking it’s pregnant, so that way when they go put baby in me by body accepts it.

In a traditional conception your body starts working as if it’s pregnant the moment the egg is fertilized – in my case we’ve fertilized the egg but my body doesn’t know that. So this shot helps make that happen. This shot isn’t pleasant ha ha, James has to give it to me in my butt. The worse part is that entire needle has to go in because it has to go through my muscle, needless to say I’ll be happy when this part is over.

So for 2 weeks I’ve been taking this once every 3 days. Friday I had an appointment the doctor had to check my levels and make sure my body was accepting the medicine and YAY! It is!

Yesterday he started me on another injection progesterone- this one is required every day, I also had to start these pills + a progesterone suppositories yuck! Seriously this is the worst – I have to do the suppositories once in the morning + once at night.

This process continues until transfer day which is set for Thursday November 1st. After that date I believe I continue what I am doing (injection part) until I am 8-10 weeks pregnant.

So November 1st! Ahhh it’s so surreal to me because anyone who has known me really truly understands my want for this baby + to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel is so exciting.

I go into their surgical center which is in Pasadena at 6am. He told me the procedure is like a Pap smear – very calming and “pleasant” ha ha! Total time spent is about 15-20 minutes. After transfer I have to be on bed rest for 48 hours , kind of excited for that not going to lie!

Until then I will wait to update everyone.

Once I get confirmation I am pregnant I will announce it , despite the fact that I may miscarry I truly believe this baby is a gift and deserves to be celebrated.

Thank you all for the continued support and well wishes I can’t even tell you how much it means to me. All the positive vibes are welcomed always