Sooo..haha it has been awhile since I was last on here…Like a LONG while.

After my last post I had left everyone on me being 12 weeks pregnant and I think with how sick I was and still managing 3 kids life took me away from blogging.

But Yes! I had my daughter, meet Gia Christine Magnusen. She is absolutely perfect in every way. My pregnancy went very normal, all the shots and $$ (lol) was worth it.

Gia: July 13, 2019 6lbs 8oz


Today she is 10 months and still so beautiful and perfect.

I am happy I choose IVF to help balance my family, I truly feel my family is complete. I feel so incredibly grateful to have these 4 perfect babies.

Now that I have a grip on the everyday hustle and bustle I will write more, so keep checking in 🙂



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