Results are in….

Ahhhh I feel like I’ve been waiting so long to hear from my nurse with my results.

So they retrieved 41 eggs from me on egg retrieval day- that same day they fertilized my eggs and we got 20 embryos. A few days later they go to another stage I forget the terminology but 19 embryos survived.

As of now the embryos are 1 week old and in the freezer. They stay there until transfer day. How they are able to test them is they keep a cell from each embryo. This way they are not disturbing the embryos. They only will defrost them when we are ready for transfer.

My nurse called me and asked how many embryos I wanted to test for gender – with the money we’ve sent in we get to have 12 tested. Any others we want tested beyond our 12 cost $250 per embryo- making it $1,700 if we wanted to test the remaining 7.

James and I decided to just test the 12 and if needed we could still test the others- but why spend more if we don’t need too.

Yesterday my nurse called me and to say I was excited is an understatement.

So what we have (out of the 12 embryos we tested )

4 healthy boys

4 healthy girls

2 abnormal boys

2 abnormal girls

My first response was so he does make girls lol + I literally had a 50/50 chance of having a girl. She said yup! But then I said yes but I would of had a boy! Ha ha!

So now my next step is a mock transfer (I am doing that tomorrow) + then more shot, to prep my uterus so it accepts the embryo when we transfer.

I am beyond excited to be one step closer โ˜บ๏ธ.

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