The Shots Begin…

Roosevelt stated: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…

So here we are ready to start injections.

I started this process with HRC Ferility with such excitement I didn’t care how many shots or how badly it hurt – all I could think about was the end result…a little girl.

This is what I had to do, One shot of the Follistum , one shot of the menopur which hurt so bad, because that one stung as you injected yourself. It wasn’t a simple task though – the menopur you had to mix with one cc of saline then switch needles phew so much work.

On top of injections daily I was going into the doctors office every other day to do blood work and ultrasounds so they can see how well my eggs were maturing.

So this process takes about 10days – 2 weeks then you prep for egg retrieval.

It was 5 days before they wanted to do my retrieval when the doctor was noticing that my eggs weren’t maturing at a speed that he was happy with and wondered what was wrong. When I was leaving that appointment Deanne my nurse was checking in with me on what else I needed medication wise.  I told her I was all good and didn’t need much more and she replied with no you should be running low on Follistum.

When I got home I checked my pen and saw the medication was out, OHHHH EMMM GEE how long had it been out??? So I called her and told her she said let me tell Dr. Norian. That evening August 20th she called to tell me that the Dr. didn’t want to do my retrieval because we wouldn’t get a good retrieval since my eggs stopped maturing 😦 I was crushed

As I’m driving through the CHICK- Fil-A line tears are poring down my face – all my work all those shots everything I had been doing was a waste because I messed up. Putting aside the financial loss the emotional loss weighed so heavy on me.

Luckily James is so supportive he gave me total comfort and assured me it was for the best- which was true I didn’t want to undergo a minor surgery for bad results. So I had to wait 3-4 weeks before I was able to restart my injections.

Four weeks later I called Deanne and I was able to start my injections again! James went with me to this appointment so we both could fully understand what to do and how to do it.

During these 2 weeks my eggs were maturing beautifully. It was the Friday before retrieval and now I was upped to 3 shots a day- and the instructions get very intense- 36 hours prior to your retrieval you have to inject a HCG shot. This has to be given at a very specific time or it can mess up the retrieval process. Luckily this time I paid close attention to my instructions!

So back to Friday evening- 6:00 at night I get a call from the Dr.’s office – she called to tell me that Dr. Norian is unable to preform my surgery and Dr. Nelson would be stepping in. I was devastated! I hadn’t even met this Dr. and he was going to be preforming surgery on me?!?! As I was processing this Dr. Norian calls me to apologize, an emergency arose and he had to fly out of the country ASAP. I told him I understand but was very upset. I did however respect the fact that he personally called me – he has great bedside manner.

Again I found myself asking God that hard question – what am I doing ? Is this what I am suppose to be doing ? Please help guide me.

Monday morning I sat in the waiting room waiting to get called back to surgery with an extremely bloated belly (by the way if you’ve seen me lately and I look 5 months pregnant it’s the shots :/ ) .

As she’s checking me in having me verify things I look up at the board and see Dr. Norian’s name – I said oh no Dr. Nelson is preforming me retrieval and to my surprise she says “oh no Dr. Norian was able to be here after all- apparently his flights got postponed because of the storms until Friday.”

A smile just filled my face and again the waterworks ran down.



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