This is US


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. β€” Izaak Walton

Hi and Welcome to My blog!

I have never done anything like this so bare with me. My name is Melissa and as you probably already know I have three sons. I am married to the perfect man James. and together we have Landon (on the left 5 years old) Logan in the middle (1 year ) and Hunter (3 years old)

A little background on James and I :

We met while working at Verizon Wireless and as James LOVES to say he was my manager that’s just not true. We have been together now for a total of 10 years married for 7. We both no longer work for Verizon but are self employed in the real estate business, James has rentals and also flips houses, I am your typical realtor so I assist buyers and sellers.

We are no different than any other normal family of 5, we have chaotic mornings rushing off to school, sports on Saturdays, Church on Sundays Just your typical modern day family.

I don’t think my life is any more interesting than the next but my mom was urging me to tell my story and start a blog – so here you go mom.

As long as I can remember I have wanted a daughter, well God had other plans for me. He has blessed us with three beautiful boys, (whom I am eternally grateful for). But my heart wasn’t complete. There was something missing. I don’t know how to explain this emptiness I felt. I felt so bad that I felt this way. I had three boys and a great husband we have a gorgeous home I am living the life- but there was just that missing piece to complete our puzzle – a little girl.

So this is my journey through IVF -gender selection- to having her.

I know some may support us – and some may have opinions – and that’s OKAY, please be kind and remember this isn’t your journey or your life it’s mine. I feel that sharing my process with the world will help allow people to more understand where I am coming from.

My hope is that you will have a different view on the process and to also tell people that if you are going through the same thing it’s okay to talk about it, don’t be scared to hide your journey.


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